Educational Digital Contents

Since 2000 CEC has been developing the educational digital contents including motion pictures to improve the environment for using digital contents in classes. As these contents are free from copyrights problems only for the educational use, schools can search and download these picture images and moving images from the sites or CD-ROMs freely.

1, Educational contents for specialized instructions of high school

In 2002FY CEC made, following the courses of study, the digital contents including the motion pictures for4specialized instructions of high school- COMMERCE, NURSING, INFORMATION and WELFARE. Those are distributed on the Internet.

Now CEC is making the contents for 4 other specialized instructions - AGRICULTURE, INDUSTRY, FISHERY and HOUSEHOLD.

2, Digital contents for educational use

CEC also has made about 17,000 digital materials, which are dealt with the copyright, for the educational use for the last three years. These contents are distributed on the Internet( and consist of 54 categories as follows.

(the examples of the categories) 
   ・Japanese classics   ・Information   ・Internet art museum   ・Gymnastics 
   ・Japanese musical instruments   ・International understanding   ・Sign language
   ・Origami    ・No play and traditional short comedic drama
   ・Historic video pictures   ・Traditional craftwork   ・Natural phenomena 
   ・Japanese festival   ・Animals   ・Japanese national land     etc.