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Voluntary Projects

Introduced in this page are projects carried out voluntarily by the member schools.

The projects are picked up mostly from the 100-school project's mailing lists. (If you fail to find yours in the list, and wish to find out what has happened to them, please contact us on , and let us know your intention.)

Maps of Germination across the Nation
The volunteers from all over Japan sowed seeds at a set date and time, and observed how the plant grew. The project picked up pumpkin seeds in 1995, and cotton seeds in 1996.
The pumpkin project was the first voluntary project ever organized since 100-school project had started.
The Nine Planets in Japanese Project
This is a Japanese version of a scientific information page called "The Nine Planets" by William Arnett from the U.S. The page is about the solar system.
This is a multi-media information page with links to photos, sound, video images. In this project, with Mr. Takahashi of Togane Girls' High at its center, the volunteers translated the materials.
If you intend to explore links, due to the line capacity, we ask you not to access to Togane Girls' High but to the mirror at the CII.
Netiquette Home Page
This page is a collection of netiquette information by Mr. Takahashi of Togane Girls' High. If you intend to explore links, due to the line capacity, we ask you not to access to Togane Girls' High but to the mirror at the CII.
Science Class on Internet
This page is an off spring of discussions in the Science Class, at Room #5, Professional House, Education Practice, Nifty-serve. Started from there, Mr.Watanabe of Katsurao Junior High expanded it. Information exchange with the mother room has been of help. The page aims at information dispatch which is useful to science classes.
If you intend to explore links, due to the line capacity, we ask you not to access to Katsurao Junior High but to the mirror at the CII.
Products of all Regions in Japan
Originated by Mr.Ishihara of Hirano Elementary, Otsu, the plan is to build up a single page education system. The page should be loaded with links from all over Japan, and each link points to a page which features products of the region's specialities (agricultural products, industrial products, traditional craft works, and so on). Through the page, specialities of any area in the country can be found. The plan is for use in social studies classes of 4th to 5th years in elementaries.
Balanced Water Content Rate Project
Originated by Mr. Kawadu of Hitarinko High, Oita, the project is to find out how differently timbers' perform in absorbing and supplying humidity in the air at different places. This is carried out by observing weight changes of samples of the same timber at places in different climates.
Bullying and Bullying Caused Absentees page
The page is run by students of Maya Hyogo High to exchange opinions on the problem.
Asian High School Students Internet Exchange Program
At the center of this project are Mr. Kageto of Nagoya Seiryou Commercial High and several other people. The project carries on inter high school exchange between domestic and foreign high schools. The project activities are not limited to the ones over the Internet, but expanded to exchange in persons.
Fresh Sprout Project
The objective of this project is to help promote proper use of the Internet. The project prepared a model guideline for use at schools when individual schools are ready to establish their own rules and guidelines on Internet use.
The Weather Change - a Four School Joint Observation Report
In October 1996, four elementary schools from Kumamoto, Hiroshima, Kagawa, Kanagawa engaged themselves, in cooperation, in weather observation work. This is the record of the observations.
Question Mails across Japan
Mr. Ishihara of Hirano Elementary, Otsu is the originator of this "Volunteers on Mail" index. When a question arises, an elementary pupil may scan the index for possible helpers who might give answers to the question.
Shimizu International Junior High "the Earth Club"
The project conducted international activities of wide variety. Editing a picture book jointly with students in Russia is an example.