Matsuyama Shinonome Junior High School/Matsuyama Shinonome High School

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Address  3-2-24 Okaido, Matsuyama, Ehime 790, Japan
Enrollment  junior high 118, senior high 934 (1995 school year)
Date of Establishment  Sept. 16, 1886

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Matsuyama has population of 450,000, and has expanded around the old castle site at its center. Matsuyama Shinonome High School is built on top of the stone wall at the east edge of the castle site. Our front gate is built to resemble the castle gate. At times mistaken tourists come in through it. Shinonome is a girls' institute with a junior high, a senior high, a junior college and a university, and is nicknamed "the mission" to this day.
The model of Madonna in "Bocchan", a novel, was a Shinonome student.
The institute was the first girls' school in Shikoku. It has maintained its good and modern sense to keep pace with the times, since Meiji, and its atmosphere is free and lelaxed.