Major Specifications

Prior to the procurement of the server systems to be delivered to the project member schools, IPA announced the major specifications of the systems. They are shown in the table below. The venders proposed their selections based on these procurement specifications. Three types of server systems actually delivered are listed later.
CPU equivalent to 80486/100MHz or SPECint92 50MHz or faster
memory 16MByte or more (expanded to 32MByte later)
HD 1GByte or more
network 10BASE/T
auxiliary device drives for CDROM and FD (for MO added later)
input output keyboard, mouse, display
OS Japanese UNIX
software Xwindow, C compiler, editor

Major Features

Below listed are Internet server programs to be executed on the server system. This realizes features which are necessary to operate an independent site.
domain name server (bind)
A primary name server is operated at each school with its domain name and IP address of class C. This enables the operation of an independent domain at each school.
ftp server (wu-ftpd)
The initial set up of this program is such that an anonymous FTP server runs at each school.
gopher server (gn)
At the time of the project start, it still was a common practice to provide information using gopher, therefore this program is installed. Use of this program has been rarely seen.
WWW server (CERN httpd)
A CERN provided www server is installed as the WWW server.
As of October 1996, more than 98 percent of the schools have created their home pages and practiced information dispatch.
There are some schools who utilizes the cache capabilities of the CERN httpd for better performance in information retrieval through the WWW browser.
WWW relay server (DeleGate)
At the time of the project start, WWW browsers for client machines were not able to read Japanese in the JIS code or in the EUC.
DeleGate, a relay server, was installed, to translate texts in these codes into texts in the Shift-JIS code.
Today, WWW browsers for clients handle various character codes, and DeleGate is not much of use. In some cases, though, it still is used as a cache server.
mail servers (sendmail, popper)
A mail server runs on the server machines to transmit mails from/to inside and outside the schools.
Also, a POP server runs on the client machines to receive mails.
news server (inn)
INN is installed as the news server.
Though, there are not many schools which actually subscribe to news.

  • Venders and Equipment Delivered

    Six separate tenders, that is one tender for each six blocks, for the installation of servers were invited. The six blocks in all cover the whole nation. Followings are the results.

    Venders by Block

    blocks venders machines
    Hokkaido-Tohoku NEC NEC PC-9821XN/C9W
    Kanto NEC NEC PC-9821XN/C9W
    Hokuriku-Tokai Uchida Yoko Co. FUJUTSU S-4/5
    Kinki Kawai Gakki Co. IBM 6860-J
    Chugoku-Shikoku NEC NEC PC-9821XN/C9W
    Kyushu Fujitsu FUJUTSU S-4/5

    Equipment Delivered (NEC server)

    machine name NEC PC9821XN/C9W
    CPU Pentium 90MHz
    memory 19.6MByte (additional 16MByte)
    HD 1GByte
    network ConTech CNET(98)E-12
    auxiliary devices built-in CDROM and FD drives
    MO PC-OD302
    display PC-KM141
    OS AI soft PANIX ver4
    software X11R6, gcc, NEmacs

    Equipment Delivered (FUJITSU server)

    machine name FUJITSU S-4/5 Model 70
    CPU micro SPARC II 70MHz
    memory 16MByte
    HD 1.05GByte
    network 10BASE/T
    auxiliary devices built-in CDROM and FD drives
    MO FMFD-211
    display 15 inch
    OS Japanese Solaris 1.1.1
    software OpenWindow V2, gcc, Nemacs

    Equipment Delivered (IBM server)

    machine name IBM 6860-J
    CPU Pentium 90MHz
    memory 16MByte
    HD 720MByte + 527MByte
    network IBM 66G0939
    auxiliary devices built-in CDROM and FD drives
    MO IBM MK230D2
    display IBM 5574-N15
    OS BSD/OS Ver1.1 + Japanese environment
    software X11R5, gcc, Nemacs