System Configuration

The diagram below shows the hardware configuration of a c/s system which are installed at the schools.
Figure of the System

System Overview

The basic components of the system installed at a school are a router, a HUB, a server and a client.

The server is a UNIX machine with a domain name. A name server, a WWW server, a FTP server and so on run on the UNIX. In all, the server is equipped with necessary features to operate as an independent site on the Internet.

The schools had the choice of a Windows PC or a Macintosh for their client machine. Running on a client were a mail reader, a WWW browser and so on.
Only one client was far from enough, though, the client was expected to give good examples to the teachers when they set up additional clients on their own.
As was expected. at the time of July 1996, about 80 percent of the member schools installed additional clients.

Six months after the initial delivery, a set of equipment and software for information dispatch were added to the delivery list. The set included a digital camera, a color scanner and various software to edit information of multi-media sources. Thus the environment for information dispatch was bettered and dispatching via WWW practiced easilier.