The 100-School Networking Project (April 1994`March 1997)
The 100-School Networking Project had been operational for three years since April 1994 and was finished in March 1997 as one of action-Programs in educational utilization of information technology with a positive and long term perspective.
The 100-School Networking Project in which IPA and CEC jointly provided various kinds of computer and telecommunication equipment and software support necessary for networking to 111 schools, was designed to overcom spatial-temporal constraints in the classrooms and put new types of teaching system and learning system into practice.
CEC, as a driving power, undertook the 100-School Networking Project and got a good evaluation from the people concerned. Through the 100-School Networking Project, participating schools gained good results, such as producing new teaching metod and learning patterns, implementing learners-centered teaching, communicating with one another beyond the traditional bounds of classroom lessons, and deeply recognizing the importance of introducing information technology into curricula.

The 100-School Networking Project (PhaseII)
The 100-School Networking Project (Phase II) started in April 1997 by 108 participants as experiment for the practice of sophisticated utilization of school-networking. The project(Phase II) is designed for the multiple communication of area to area,i.e., people to people or schools to schools, although the former one was designed mainly for the communication of spot to spot ,i.e., person to person or school to school.
The project (PhaseII) is on the three principles:
(1)Globalization- deepening international understanding with networking, (2)Area Collaboration for technical support on networking and information technology, and (3)Sophisticated utilization of school-networking.
The project includes 22 CEC-initiative programs 52 school- initiative programs with the technical support of CEC.

The 100-school Networking Project (PhaseII) is jointly run by the Infomation-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA) and the Center for Educational Computing(CEC), under the advice of the Ministy of Education, Scince, Sports and Culture(MOE) and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry(MITI).
The supporting committee for the practical expermentation of advanced utilization of school-networking is organized within the CEC in order to ensure that the project proceed smoothly and effectively. This committee consists of those who belong to academic circles, educational organizations, schools, or Ministries and is composed of four working groups. These working groups have 18 sub-groups in order to ensure that respective CEC-initiative programs proseed smoothly and effectively. The sub-groups consist of experts who belong to academic circles or schools.


Content of PhaseII
Deepening international understanding with tha internet(10programs)
CEC plans to work closely with overseas educational organizasions and to foster international understanding and lean foreign languages though tha exchange of infomation with countries in North America, Oceania, Asia and Europe. In this process, we will identify technological problems, and take any measures necessary to eliminate them, and also evalute the educational benefits for the future reference. CEC also plans to take verious ways to overcome the langage barrier technical constraints which come out during international exchange. Moreover, CEC plans to make school to school plaza within the CEC's home page in order to smooth international exchange. CEC hopes that you will be intersted in contacting us at the CEC, or in contacting any of the elementary schools, junior high schools or senior high schools in Japan.
1.International exchange with education-related organizations
2.Organizing a support system for international exchange
3.Making school to school plaza within the CEC

Area collaboration for technical support in networking and Infomation technology(5 programs)
IPA and CEC carry out activities with the contents mentioned in the below chart.
CEC plans to research and classify network support activities by inquiring at some existing networking system used for education. Our findings will then be made available to local boards of education that are interested in using networking systems for educational purposes. Based on the knowledge that we have accumulated through the 100-School Networking Project, we are are able to provide example of how a network can be used educationally and also to give advice about how to slove technical problems. Through these activities, CEC hopes to promote the use of educational networking in the areas.
1.Promotion of educational center-type networking system etc
2.Scaling up technical support to promote networking systems in the areas
3.Reseach on exisiting educational networks in the areas

Sophisticated utillization of school-networking(7 programs)
CEC plans to use networking to its fullest capability by taking into account the latest, most highly adviced technological trends, including advances in infomation technology and faster transmission speeds.
CEC also plans to carry out a lot of practical experiments to research how the Internet should be used for educatiobnal purposes in the future.
1.Testing the PICS
2.Research on the collaborative production and use of educational software on networking
3.Experiment on producing,accumulating and using educational materials for imfomation education
4.Improving network accessibillity for handicapped children and students