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bdb Outline

bdb Outline

CEC outline and description of activities

The CEC was set up in order to promote the use of computers in school education in Japan, particularly in elementary, middle and high schools, and is under the joint control of the Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and Technology(MEXT)and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI). CEC conducts various surveys and research and development projects every year. CEC's management includes members from academic circles, educational organizations, the computer and software industries, and representatives from corporations and individuals that support CEC's work.

History and Activities

July 1986 CEC is founded.
April 1987 The educational software library of CEC is established.
July 1987 CEC holds its first symposium about educational computing.
August 1987 CEC hosts a competition to develop thegCEC Concept Model '87h.
July 1988 A prototype of the gCEC Concept Model '87his exhibited to the public.
March 1989 CEC publishes a dictionary of standard educational computing terms.
July 1990 The CEC '90 specification Model is released. CEC also publishes gA research report on functions of computing systems essential to schoolsh.
April 1991 CEC starts research on applied technologies for educational information processing.
July 1991 A symposium about educational computing is held to commemorate the fifth anniversary of CEC. Symposium theme: gHow the integrated use of media will change education.h
October 1993 CEC holds a software exhibition entitled, gEducation and Computerizationh as one of Infrmatization Month's events.
April 1994 CEC starts playing a major role of gSystem engineer school dispatch programh(CEC discontinues it in July 2005). The first issue of gCEC Circleh is released.
August 1994 The 100-School Networking Project begins.
April 1995 CEC establishes a Networking Promotion Department.
July 1996 A symposium about educational computing is held to commemorate the tenth anniversary of CEC. Symposium theme:gEducational Computing: Current Trends and Future Outlookh.
February 1997 CEC distributes an educational software package called gEnergy and the Environment around us.h
April 1997 The 100-School Networking Project (Phase II) begins.
November 1998 gSchool Informatization Programh Project begins.
April 1999 The E Square (e2) Project begins.
March 2000 Building of educational digital contents Project begins.
April 2001 Information Economy Platform Development Program begins.
September 2001 Site of educational digital contents starts.
April 2002 E Square Advance(e2a) Project begins.CEC starts gEducational Informatization Promotion Program in partnership with local industriesh.
October 2003 CEC starts regional symposium on Education utilizing Advanced IT
April 2004 CEC starts g Information education in industrial cooperationh project.
October 2004 CEC holds a symposium entitled, g Toward new development of IT-use Educationh as one of Informatization Month's events.