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The E square evolution(e2e)Project

The E square evolution(e2e)Project


1. Objectives

 Although computerization in elementary and secondary education has been making progress with the activities of the government and the educators toward the final target year of the Millennium Project“Digitization of education“ & e-Japan Strategy, the realization of educational IT environment, which is practical and educationally effective, seems to be still a difficult task.
 The E square Evolution(e2e) Project is designed to realize the effective and continuously available IT environment according to the needs and actual situation of teachers and schools in order to improve the situation. (http://www.cec.or.jp/e2e/index.html)

2.Project Outline

 The E square Evolution(e2e) Project consists of the following three projects.
(1)Open Schools Platform
 Implementing of survey research and demonstration test on the usefulness,robustness,operability and samples to support etc. of Open Source Software(OSS) for the progress of IT in education on the multi platform basis.
 Implementing of some research and information gathering in order to promote IT security measures.
(3)Plans for Schools
Practicing new ideas and measures or improving the approaches and contents that have been worked out so far,in order that the results of those activities could be spread widely among other teachers and schools.

3.Activities in FY2005

Overview of the Projects implemented in FY 2005 is as follows.
 Following 3 projects have been adopted out of 9 applications through detailed examination.
1, (Adopted company) Argo 21 Corporation, (Research Areas) Gifu pref. & Tsukuba City(Ibaragi pref.)
2, (Adopted company) UCHIDA YOKO CO.,LTD., (Research Area) Kyotanabe City(Kyoto pref.)
3, (Adopted company) FUJITSU OKAYAMA SYSTEMS ENGINEERIG LIMITED, (Research Area) Soja City (Okayama pref.)
 Formulating of guidelines about basic ideas,how to make,how to operate,how to reexamine etc. on information security policy.
(3)Plans for Schools
 Implementing 45Themes including use of digital blackboard, classes of "Information" by School-Industry Partnership.