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Name of Organization URL and Description
Access Excellence
An educational program that provides high school biology teachers access to their colleagues, scientists, and sources of new scientific information via the World Wide Web.
Alphabet Superhighway
Educational website that assists students in creating, locating and communicating information.
American Museum of Natural History
Museum scientists, curators, educators and administrators have used the Museum's rich scientific resources to create a superb learning environment for all ages and educational levels.
Apple in Education
The new Learning Technology Review features cutting-edge web applications, simulations,using imagery in science and more.
Ask an Expert Page
Sites and people that are willing to answer questions about their area of expertise including many sciences, computing, library reference, etc.
It's a personalized Internet-based service providing education information to teachers,librarians, counselors, administrators, parents, and others throughout the U.S. and the world.
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education
International Conference on distance education held on the Internet . Venues are also distributed around the world, so the conference itself tries to locate problem in distance education.
The site to help both students and teachers implement projects using the Internet.
Charter School Project
is a non-profit organization networking with charter schools, especially Core Knowledge charter schools, to bring about much needed education reform.
Charter School Research (CSR) Project
While this site is intended to serve a range of purposes, its long-term objective is to become a space for compiling bibliographic citations and discussion around charter research.
Charter Schools
Charter schools are nonsectarian public schools of choice that operate with freedom from many of the regulations that apply to traditional public schools.
Child Trends
This is a nonprofit research organization that studies children, youth, and families through research, data collection and data analysis.
Cisco E-learning
E-Learning, Internet-enabled learning provides faster learning at reduced costs, increased access to learning, and clear accountability for all all participants in the learning process.
Classroom Connect
Developes original Web-based curriculum products and professional development programs for K-12 educators.
Community Learning Network
Huge links to educational WWW sites.
Computer Incident Advisory Capability
The organization dealing with the subject about computer network security. The latest information about OS/software, is available,like some security hole bugs.
Computer Security Technology Center
It offers the technical support about computer security for the US government. The latest computer security information related with OS and software is available.
Council on International Educational Exchange
This page is mainly for junior high and graduate school students and sprcialists, who want to get together and have international relationships.
CoVis Project
The project which focuses on science teaching for high school students. Dealing with the topics like environmental science, among researchers and specialists.
Creative Connections
For school-aged children from 8 to 18 years of age, including the international art contest.
Practical ways to integrate the Internet into the classroom; a new topic is presented each month
Nicely setup list of links to help you get started on the Web; includes Internet Island, an online Internet tutorial for students.
Digital Library
It is currently involved in a number of projects investigating electronic document and image creation and delivery.
To find new methods and new ways of learning is a good opportunity to make the world come closer. Right into our classroom and are looking forward sharing experience.
Earthwatch Institute
supports scientific field research worldwide to improve our understanding and management of the Earth.
Non-profit organization aims to utilize Information Technology for teaching and learning. Recent news and reports on Internet education.
Education Research and Information Center
A federally-funded national information system that provides, through its 16 subject-specific clearinghouses, and support components, services and products on education-related issues.
Electronic Elementary Magazine
The e-zine of interactive Internet projects involving elementary school students.
E-mail groups (eGroups)
eGroups provides a gathering place on the Internet for your group to send and receive emails, schedule meetings, share files and photos, or have private group chats.
On-line school manages by Hawaii Department of Education.
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
A site managed by Department of Education which contains free educational resources available on the Internet.
FedWorld Information Network
Central access point to offer multiple distribution channels of the United States Federal goverment-level information. Search Engines and other services.
Foster Plan Association
They seek solution for the third world people from various problems occur because of poverty. They carry lots of projects on such as health and sanitation, education, environment, job training and so on.
The philanthropy web site -- there're directories of philanthropy resources.
Global Grocery List Project
Student data collection project that collects and archives grocery product prices from around the world.
Global Quest II : Teaching with the Internet
Advice, links to curriculum, and lists of resources to help you integrate the Internet into your classroom.
Global Schoolhouse
Information about Internet resources and classroom projects for the education community.
Global SchoolNet Foundation
This is the Foundation intended to create the global educational environment. Anyone can join in many global projects.
Globe Program
Over 4000 schools in over 60 countries are working with research scientists to learn more about the planet!
Hands-On Universe
Hands-On UniverseTM (HOU) is an educational program that enables students to investigate the Universe while applying tools and concepts from science, math, and technology.
Heritage Online
Specializes in Internet-assisted distance education for teachers. There are many great links to online resources.
International Center for Computer Enhanced Learning seeks to establish technology initiatives that increase learning outcomes in higher education, K12, corporate and community settings.
IBM K-12 Education
offers today's educators a portfolio of integrated products and services that will fundamentally change the way students learn, teachers instruct and administrators manage.
IBM Kiosk for Education
IBM Global Campus portfolio provides the information and resources to develop, deliver, and administer education through network delivered offerings: Web Portal Solutions.
The project using the online system of APC(Association for Progressive Communications).
Information Center for the Environment
International organizations interested in environmental protection.
Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education.The site to explore ways the Internet can benefit teachers.
Institute of International Education
There's a lot of information about Fulbright scholarship.
International Council for Open and Distance Education
ICDE facilitates international cooperation in distance education and open learning throughout the world. More than 130 countries are represented.
Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections
There are more than 6500 teachers in approximately 70 countries participating to help teachers and classes link with partners in other countries and cultures for e-mail classroom.
Internet Society
More than 100 organizational and 7,000 individual members from more than 150 countries. There's the topic about "What is the Internet?"
Internet Public Library
Anyone can access the database consists of 1,529 literature review resource.
Jason Project
Featuring live, interactive broadcasts from distinctive sites through advanced technologies in robotics, fiber optics, television production, computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering, and satellite communications.
K-5 CyberTrail
Enjoyable Internet tutorial with curriculum-related sites.
K12 World Wide Web Project (Web66)
This project is designed to facilitate the introduction of this technology into K12 schools.
Kaplan Center of Education
One of the nation's premier educational companies. It has already helped millions of students get ahead through legendary courses and expanding catalog of products and services.
Kentucky Virtual High School
This school is a statewide educational service delivering high school courses and online learning opportunity to Kentuckians.
Kids Space Connections
Make friends all over the world in International Kids Space. News, awards, policy information for parents & teachers... Kids Gallery Share your pictures, stories, music....
Kids Web
Goal is to present students with a subset of the Web that is very simple to navigate, and contains information targeted at the K-12 level.
Knowledge Integration Environment
For middle and high school students develop an integrated understanding of science.
Learning Circles
Internet integration model which promotes theme-based telecommunications project work integrated with the classroom curriculum.
Learning Technology and Distance Education
To lead in the improvement of teaching and learning through the integration of appropriate technologies & methodologies.
A collection of stories which document teacher successes, lessons learned, and plans for future Internet activities with students.
Link to Learn : Integrating the Internet into the Classroom
A nice set of tutorials on WebQuests, online projects, lesson plans, and much more.
List of the department of education of USA
This is a list of the department of education in the United States.
Lycos Zone
The search engine "LycosZone" for the child of the American edition. This engine which cut harmful picture, image and cruel scene at all is installed.
Microsoft in Education
The latest Microsoft info especially for the educational purpose, and so on are on the web. There are also seminar information aimed at teachers.
Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM)
To educate students to be individuals who are committed to the social, economic and political development of their communities and to be internationally competitive in their professional fields.
Site with tips and techniques for integrating the Internet into the curriculum.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration insert in a research report about a space shuttle and a space station. Besides that, a research report about the universe is of value of seeing.
National Education Association
Homepage of America's largest and oldest association of teachers and worker of public schools.
National Foundation for Improvement of Education
Founded by National Education Association in 1969, offers the sholarship fond. It also has a art contest for the American junior high school students.
National School Board Assocation
Providing information to school boards about conferences, seminars,exhibitions,etc. Reports, guidelines on technology and many issues.
The valuable resource site which contains strategies, tips, and tricks for managing collaborative Internet projects with your class.
Online Internet Institute
Collaborative effort to provide teachers with hands-on experiences to help integrate the Internet within the classroom; very comprehensive in scope.
PBS Cyberschool
This site contains educational material for middle school student utilizing fun and thrills of Nagano Winter Olympic Games.
Resource for educators. The Service To Locate Learning Resource Material.
Pitsco Launch to Keypals
Comprehensive list of sites of keypals for your class.
Pitsco's Ask an Expert
A list of experts in various subject areas who will answer your students' queries.
Planning for Higher Education, Society for College and University
SCUP is the only association focused on the promotion, advancement, and application of effective planning in higher education.
Quest International
The organization about how to provide young people with the international place where they live, learn, work, and play.
Real Kids, Real Adventures : Teacher's Lounge
Links to places to talk with other teachers, cool tools, and other nice education links.
Recycle City
There's lots to do here - people and places to visit and plenty of ways to explore how the city's residents recycle, reduce, and reuse waste.
Robot Wisdom Page
Web site includes a broad variety of topics, with 'Robot Wisdom' as the unifying theme, the traditional ideal, the present reality, the strategic analysis and the radical proposal
Rowrand High School
This school has received a positive six-year WASC Accreditation as well as being named a California Distinguished School in 1996 and a National Blue Ribbon School in 1998.
School Center
Everything going on in your school district can be shared with the communityschedules, events, sports scores, board meetings.
A means of attaining high academic standards through contextual, applied and focused learning to help students direct their education.
Science Across The World
An exciting way to help teach science, languages and general studies.
Smart Valley
Smart Valley An Initiative to create regional information infrastructure. Introductions of current projects such as connecting classroom to the Net, and so on.
SPA (Software Publisher's Association)
Software publisher's association, trade association for the software industry. Various awards and publications are available. Discussions on software piracy is also given.
Space Telescope Science Institute (CNSHD)
This site can be seen the photography image of the latest Hubble Space Telescope installed on the earth time orbit.
State of the Union For Kids
President's pets live at the White House, and they will be your guides to the White House web site.
Meta-Encyclopedia for Student Research. A categorized web center of research-quality sites designed to help students and teachers quickly identify and access useful information on the internet.
Teacher Talk
The publication for preservice, secondary education teachers.
It's committed to providing resources and services that enhance and expand the teaching and learning experiences of all learners.
Texas Education Network (TENET)
A state-run program to provide educational resources to teachers, administrators, parents and students in Texas.
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts ARTSEDGE
K-12 resources for art education. Contains on-line bulletin board for students, links for educational institutions.
The National Institute on Out-of-School Time
Research Institute to make the best out of students' out-of-school time. Research reports and information for parents.
An annual contest for Students ages from 12 to 19 who make teams with students all over the world to make educational website.
Tips for Using the Internet
Information for teachers on items to remember when beginning to implement a class Internet project.
UNESCO Worldwide Action in Education
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Aims to promote worldwide educational interchange. Databse of Educational Information, description of projects are available.
United Nations Children's Fund advocates and works for the protection of children's rights.
U.S. Census Bureau
Various kind of statistics, census results are there. Expenditure of education in local governemnts and comparison between states, etc.
U.S.Department of Education
Home Page of U.S. Department of Education. Introductions of many projects for education, related documents, Secretary's Initiatives for improvement of schools etc.
U.S.Federal Government Listing
Listings of executive offices of United states federal government.
US-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange. Binational advisory panel to both the U.S. and Japan on the vital cultural and educational underpinnings of our relationship.
Virtual Architecture's Web Home
Ways of using Internet tools and resources for curriculum based learning ; ways of designing these learning activities and projects.
A site which provides descriptions and examples of how to use this great model of Internet inegration in the classroom.
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
WICHE was created to facilitate resource sharing among the higher education systems of the western states.
Yahoo for Kids
Search Engine for kids, student. Much information are available on this site.
Youth Net
The site which sponsors links to many online interactive projects.


Name of Organization URL and Description
BBC Online
Education page contains reports of various researches and experiments conducted and tips for introducing IT in education for teachers and parents.
It learned to see English famouse encyclopedia Britannica on the Internet.
British Interactive Multimedia association
british interactive multimedia association.It aims to promote multimedia related technologies.Announcements of awards and on-line publications.
British Museum / Education Department
Provides an exceptionally varied and imaginative array of services for children and adults alike. The Museum is well-advanced in planning a radical expansion of its educational services.
Digital School
De Digitale School can be the right place where students/pupils can find the adequate tools for this kind of learning.
eMail Classroom Exchange
By using e-mail , this project provides students with an opportunity to meet and correspond with other students from around the world. Over 3,000 classrooms now participating.
European Festivals & Traditions
"Festival and a legend" made a start newly in the educational information project of the European Union.
European Schoolnet
The website as a tool for schools, pupils, teachers and school leaders in Europe.
European Virtual University
Virtual University Project in Europe. Links to many academic resources and topics.
Green Generation
The project trying to encourage and foster links between environmentally committed children around the world.
Hermitage Museum in Russia
Computer technologies enable the Hermitage Museum to provide people from all over the world with wider access to information about the Museum and its treasures.
Reports of international comparative studies focusing on educational policies and practices. And focusing on math and science education, reading literacy and computes in education.
The collaboration site for getting students around the world to engage in a global dialog.
The site where teachers from around the world plan activities and projects for students to take part in.
NCET (National Council for Educational Technology)
Research Institute which supports the effective use of IT to enhance learning and raise educational standards in United Kingdom. reports and information sheets on experiments.
Netd@ys Europe
A project that aims to show potential of online technologies in schools.Resources about mutural understanding education. Mailings lists, chat,etc.
National research institute for improvement of public education in England. Publications, Data of various cecnsus for English pupils are available.
Schools on the Net
The aim of this association is to firmly establish the new media and the use of the Internet as an integral part of day-to-day teaching in schools.
Tele-School Online
The project using the Internet as a resource, providing the international education.
WebMuseum network
WebMuseum network is now welcoming 200,000 visitors every week, delivering over 10 million documents.

Asia & Oceania

Name of Organization URL and Description
Asia Pacific Network Group
The project group reviewing Asia-Pacific Policy, Strategy, and Operational Issues related to international networking.
Digital Chosun
A South Korean big newspaper, a Korean daily report sends Japanese article on the net.
Emerge (Victorian Multimedia Centre)
Emerge, Victorian Multimedia Centre providing support for the multimedia industry located in Australia. Information about Australian multimedia projects.
It was founded in 1964, aiming at the higher quality of the science education. Lots of science and math resource are available.
Korea Educational Development Institute
Korean government-funded organization aims to develop progarams, policies, and materials to help innovate Korean education. results of survey of education in Korea, BBS, etc.
Korea National Open University
Center for Lifelong Education established. Japanese Language and Literature "Open University Network (OUN)" is opened.
The project trying various kind of network education approach.
National Computer Board, Singapore
This is a board responsible for IT policy and development in Singapore. There's the resource about IT info in Singapore, and the info about IT Award presented by this board.
SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization)
Inter-governmental organization aims to promote south-eastern regional cooperation to develop human resources in education, science and culture.
One of SEAMEO's 12 regional centers to help solve common educatinoal problems. It conducts training programs for desseminate educatinal technology and innovations.


Name of Organization URL and Description
Essential resource for all that's African on the World Wide Web. They are the starting point for research, entertainment on the African continent, a great place for cyber tourists, students.

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