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The page of child English by using English game, gramer problem, lesson diary and the bulletin board.
Adventure of Science Miscellaneous
This site is based on the topics of science knowledge of miscellaneous matters that you never learn in any school.
Agriculture Classroom for Kids
The pages, rice-making of the old days and the present, where food came from and the agricultural products exploration group are useful for homework.
Alpine Plant Illustrated Book
100 kinds of alpine plants are introduced. It only clicks on the name of the alpine plant, and the photograph of the plant comes out.
Animal Search !
Suntory Ltd. provides information on 69 kinds of birds around a wild bird to see in the city.
Area Information : The country of the world and region
Yahoo's area information. The news of the world, the culture, the living information, the trip information, and so on.
Art Kid's Japan
The work of art in the world countries of 180 children can be seen. The picture of  the children who wrote it with the work is heart-warming.
Asahi English News
English edition of the Asahi Shimbun/ Newspaper. It goes into Japanese edition as well.
Asia Pacific Interactive Communication Network (APICNET)
Plaza for International Cooperation provides database and introduction to participate in international cooperation activities.
Art Education for Pupils in Elementary School
Studying the Arts gives children the experience to integrate all the other things we teach in schools.
Asian High-school Internet Relationship Project
Homepage of project aims to promote inter-highschool communication using internet. High-schol students from various asian countries are communicating via e-mail, Bulletin Board, etc.
Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in FUKUOKA
Nonprofit international exchange for Asia-Pacific children.
Assembly to Promote the International Consiousness of Students.
This site is aimed for the interchange among the students all over the world. It is mainly managed by the students of Osaka university.
Association of Internatinal Education, Japan
This site is managing assistance for international students to study in Japan and various international student seminar.
Association of International Education Exchange
Support to the internationalization of the school education through the international understanding education, the international interchange.
Association of Student's Returned from Abroad - Friends
The activities thought the problem which it faces in the children's foreign countries after the return are done.
Association for Itabashi International Communications
Japanese language classes for foreign residents. Training course for volunteer Japanese language teachers. Assistance in finding home stays. Funding program for international exchange events.
Full of the information about astronomy, the constellation, and so on. Starlit sky guidance and photeEillustration gallery become satisfactory.
Atmark Inter-High School
The educational organization of the new era that supports home schooling using the Internet as a communication tool. "A student decides how to learn by oneself " propose such new learning methods.
Atmark Learning
A great educational opportunity for persons not satisfied with the school education system, why not study at Atmark Learning.
Atomic Energy Encyclopedia
The data base which the latest data and informatin about the atomic energy in Japan and the world were explained.
Homepage for Students and Pupils. It provides reference system about Internet, Learning Guidance for a child.
Biratori Town
This is the town of international exchange, Junior high school students with China and senior ones with Korea.
Birds & Education
Phote gallery of wild bird introduces the charm of the wild bird which is a natural barometer to have interest it has in the familiar nature to students and the teachers.
Blue Planet
The student NGO who advances international understanding education toward pupils, students and the general citizen thinks about the poverty problem, the North-South problem, and so on.
Bookshelf of the Picture Book
As for the picture book, anyone can enjoy both a child and an adult. The list sorted to the applicable age and every author, painter about many picture books is provided here.
Botanical Garden
The plant photograph data base of the enormous number is opened. It is pleasant to see various plants by the name and/or season, too.
British Museum Study Tour
The study tour of British Museumi in London can be in Japanese. Museum goods can be bought by the Internet shopping, too.
Broadcast University
This page shows the contents of the course, call for students, tuition, facilities, how the program goes, how to watch the program, FAQ of the university on TV.
Center for Natural Environment Education
Nara University of Education runs this project. It has links to the teach materials to education of nature, science and environment.
Center of Japanese Baccalaureat
Web site about Japanse baccalaureat.
Center for Educational Computing (CEC)
A page of non-profit organizations doing research and development on information techmology essential to educational computing, managing E-Squere Project now.
Center for Educational Promotion of Japanese children in or from foreign countries
A page of non-profit organization established by Ministry of Diplomacy and Ministry of Education to promote education for children in of from foreign countries.
Center for Educational Research and Training, Kanazawa University
Introduction of project of network educational use and project of intaractive school broadcast.
Center For International Education Waseda University
offers various international education programs both for incoming international students and Waseda students.
Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization
This is a page of a non-profit organization doing research of computer technology and consulting about information technology.
Central Wholesale Market for Kids
The page of the Tokyo Metropolis Central Wholesale Market. It is full of the information about such a market.
Challenge Classroom
The adaptation guidance classroom which the Fukui City Board of Education established. It is introduced through the children's work and the activities.
Chiba Prefecture, Japan
This site introduce a lot of sister cities to Chiba prefecture and widening International Exchange.
Child Care Circle Net "Sunflower"
Sunflower wants to do child care happily with all, and by all means, don't you do together pleasant child care?
Children's Computer Painting Museum
This might be something that children may find exciting and hope the pictures they drew will be good memories for their parents.
Children's Museum
This site inserts a "Earth Gallery" ,and so on to display the work of the children all over the world.
Child's Culture/Education Research Institute
The space of the education announcement is provided through the K-12 student work competition.
Child Palace Net
It aims at supporting the people who make effort for the staff of the child palace and mother during the child care, staff of child's wholesome rearing.
CG-ARTS Society
An association to promote computer graphics and education. Student CG art conpetition,information about accreditation tests, etc.
Child and English Education
The page for the people who activate overseas interchange, learn English with parent and child and English teacher.
Child Consultation Room
The radio program of TBS. The simple question contributed to the telephone consultation room is opened.
Child Electric Knowledgeable Palace
Electricity can be understood by the electrical invention ,the energy, quiz, and so on.
Child Research Net
This site tries to get information from all over the world and results of a research about children, using internet.
Communication White Paper for Kids
It's easy to understand for small junior high school student about the communication, the broadcasting and the mail,
Computer Museum
On-line museum presented by IBM collects lots of information about computers. Only available in Japanese.
Cosmic Information Center
A part of the NASDA's site. The history of development of the universe is explained and instruction as for the latest universe investigation project as well.
Council for Improvement of Education through Computer
This page has information for research meetings and conferences. You can even join the group.
Club Geordie
International Friendship Group for all nationalities to provide opportunities for both Japanese and non Japanese people to meet each other, and deepen knowledge towards other nations and their culture.
Council of Local Authorities for International Relations
This council collects information and resource materials realted to international exchange, and provides the information to local authorities.
Creature of the Water
The page that the state of the creature living during the water is introduced, such as the extinction misgiving of the world, a rare animal.
Curriculum Research & Development Center
This center introduce and develop educational softwares as an institute of facalty of Education, Gifu University.
Cyber Zoo
It can enjoy animal's picture, song, roar and have a classified table.
Daily Yomiuri On-line
English edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun/ Newspaper. It goes into Japanese edition as well.
Dainippon tosho
This page has a nice link list concerned with mathematics and science. They also have a Java applet which middle school childrens can have fun with.
Database of History on the Web
They are about 66000 history data until now from the universal birth.
Database Promotion Center
Information about database industry and electronic information services is provided on this page.
Digital Ancient Tomb Encyclopedia
The museum of Sakai City comments on the excavated clay figure, armor, and so on with the mystery of the ancient tomb. There is huge ancient tomb ranking in Japan.
Dewa Shonai International Forum
This is the site of International Forum Projects and guide to Folk Museum in Yamagata prefecture.
Different Culture Pedagogy Association
Suggestion about the different culture, internationalization of the education and the Japanese langage education.
Distance Education and Leaning Institutes in the World
Many sites regarding distance education in Japan are introduced on this Naruto educational university's page.
Dokkyo International Amity Club
This site is managed by the circle in Dokkyo university which is making the international exchange programs not only in Japan but abroad.
Easy Internet to the Child
The communication service such as chat is satisfactory to child and a community for the family .
Earth Steward Institute
ESI was formed to educate individuals and organizations about Earth-care and encourage them to teach others around the globe.
Echo Net
Japanese museum society. It can be looked up and seen along the theme in the museum.
Eco Business Project
Introduction of eco-project hold by Kita-city, Tokyo.
Eco Club
This is a page of project of World School Japan and Eco Club to hold symposiums like 'education and network'.
Nippon Ecology Network offers the theme park and/or information tool, direct to ecology, turn to the "circulation type society" .
Edo History Walk
The shrine of Tokyo where it prospered as the Edo Period, the castle town and a historic spot are explained with picture.
Educational Informatin Page
Matsushita Electric provides education news, practical report for Internet and audio visual and home page useful for the class.
Education and Family Newspaper
It has much information about multi media education. The search engine on this page is good.
Educational Digital Revolution
Digital education site for teacher. VOD corresponding to the "Class of Synthetic Learning" can be seen.
Education of Languages by using Internet
Information regarding to synposium and workshop on 'Network and Education' and mailing list are provided.
E-Friends Club
The homepage of the children who live in the weak children's institution. which have bulletin board, scribble notebook and link to other related establishment, too.
Electric Energy bitten on everything
It can learn about the electricity as the resources with the energy and the viewpoint of the environment.
Electronic Network Consortium
This organization exits to solve problems which network service provides encounter to when they operate network services.
Elephant Series, Picture Book
got the homepage picture book grand prix and excellent award of the publishing company. Mailing list was established to make the place of the information exchange.
Environment Agency of Japanese Government
Environment Agency provides its official page. It has the official announcement, event schedule and data of administration. It has links to overseas environmental homepages.
Environment Education with Natural Agricultural Way
This page is opened to be going to think environment education with everybody and going to publish even the cultivation record by EM that did with the child.
Environment Information Site
The main is Search of Web reference by the environment term,
Environmental Problem Room
The earth warming, acid rain, the ozone layer destruction take up the topic of the environmental problem.
"Esperanto" International Common Language
It is introduced exhaustively about international common language Esperanto. A reading guidance, link collection etc, becomes satisfactory, too.
E-squere Project
Enabling the knowledge obtained as the result of the 100-School Networking Project, follows (1) School Network Support Project (2) Advancecd Information-Technology Application Project.
Essay for Kids
The structure of medicine functions, history of the medicine industry and the right way of using medicine in addition to the medical history are inserted.
European Schools Project in Japan
Home page of ESP (European Schools Project) in Japan which tries to increase the quality of education using Information technology.
Everyone's Vehicle
It can be understood well about the vehicle and the transportation of the land, sea and sky.
FIELD Explore
The site of natural observation to enjoy with the parent and child.
Field Flower Illustrated Book
The flower of the field is sorted in every season, and no less than 390 kinds are introduced.
Field Studies Institute for Environmental Education (FSIfee)
This is a page regarding research and education of environmental education.
Firefly Project
The page that the observation of the firefly in the elementary school was arranged.
Fish Detective Group
The information related to the fish are fully such as the method of the fishing and the rule of the marketing, dietetics and sea.
Foreign Picture Book Library
The picture book of England and America is introduced. The photograph of the cover and a comment are added to each picture book. There is a picture book which sound comes out, too.
Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development
This foundation trains a new generation of Japanese development professionals and makes short-term programs.
Foreigner Children Education Forum
By the commission of Ministry of Education, This forum have the international class which guided 20 years, 1200 student towards return and/or visiting students .
Free Internet Resources in Japan
Site which is useful when Internet surfing is willing to do with child.
Fujisan Club
The environmental disruption of Mt.Fuji is a reality not simply to those who know and love the place, but to Japan and the world to protect themountain.
Gakujoken : Educational Software Information Research Center
This is a page of Information research center for educational software. You can get information about educational softwares and seminors.
Global Classroom
It can learn happily with a child using the Internet. The information which is useful for the class, and game, too.
Global Education
Various information offers, an opinion exchange are done about the international education with the learning consultation and the different cultural communication.
Global Education Promotion Association
The study meeting of student who has recently returned from abroad ,the new course of study and the lecture.
Gakken Kidsnet
A homepage of a science managazine for elementary school students. Simulation game about environmental crisis, links for elementary schools, comics and etc. Only available in Japanese.
A site of Gakushu Kenkyu sha, which is one of major educational publishers in Japan. Only available in japanese. BBS & Mail for chat, Data of museums, games, world children's net and more.
Gas Science Palace
It can understand happily and familiar about the gas.
Great Liking for Earth !
It is eco-site for general people which the staff who loves the sea, a mountain, nature collects good news in the world and to provide them. It is full of pleasant a little useful knowledge, and reports.
Green Peace Japan
"The international environmental protection group " The environmental problem of the earth scale such as ozone layer destruction is taking up activities are being done.
Guardian Engels Japan
The volunteer group which is patrolling an amusement quarter and keeping the safety of the area. The activities to prevent a net crime are done at present, too.
This site thinks an environment through the problem of the acid rain.
Honmachi Elementary School in Yokohama
Got NIkkei Internet Award in 1999. At activities of each grade, every subject know the state inside school that it was lively through the image to take it in their hand.
Heartful Web
Support page about the personal computer use and the tool to take a communication for the person who has a difficulty
Homepage Contest for Student
Junior high school and high school student homepage contest sponsered by ICF (International Communications Foundation) .
Idea Note of Dr. Yomiuri
A news item is explained, and it is useful for "inquiry learning" which is a subject such as social studies, science for the upper grades pupil in elementary school.

The Institute for the Study of the Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA) is to promote multi-disciplinary research by means of providing research materials and facilities for scholars who belong to various universities and institutions of the country.

Ill-treatment Prevention Center for Kids
Generally the information to prevent ill-treatment is opened and managed for the specialists' information exchange.
Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
IPA is a quasi-governmental organization to promote the development and utilization of computer programs and support for the information processing services industry.
IBM Educational System
This page is for solution service that IBM is working on for students to be able to have a multi media education using information system.
Index of Japan
Link page for Japan and Japanese culture. Very nicely organized.
Index to Resources on Internet
It is very useful to look for the literature which is necessary for the education, the research, and a textbook. Tokyo university attached library manages.
Information Learning Material
Additional learning material for Teacher in charge of 'Information'. This is provided for the teacher who acquired the license of the new subject "information" by the trust of the Ministry of Education.
Insect Explorer
Various insects which can be seen in familiar nature are introduced with many ecology photegraphs.
Insect Information Issuing Base
Information site of the insect speciality. It sets on question corner.
Institute for Overseas Education of Japanese Children (INFOE)
.The local information concerned with the education of the Japanese kids in North America, and the activities which made the mutual understanding of the education of Japan and America a theme.
Institute for Research on Education Reform
The topic of the recent education reform in Japan and the foreign country is taking up and explained.
Institute for Vocational college Information Technology Education
A professional school is being expected an important part as an organ which does talented people rearing of the user used for the business.
Intercultural Communication Institute
To conduct research on intercultural communication,politics,economy, religion and education, and to explore ways for achieving more effective communication between Japanese and people from overseas.
International Research Center for Japanese Studies
The center was established to foster comprehensive international and interdisciplinary research and to support scholars of Japanese studies from around the world.
International Society for Educational Information
International Society for Educational Information is a governmental funded agency. It has introduction of Japanese culture and it also have information of the events.
Internet at School
e-MIPS provides the information which becomes a hint of the use for personal ‚ƒomputer and Internet in the school.
Internet Association of Japan
There's the resource called 'Internet white paper', which describes the current state of the Japanese Internet environment.
Internet Broadcast Station
Live broadcast of sites all over the Japan. This site also has archived videoes of newyear's first sunrise of 1998.
Internet Connection Party
It makes a start in the purpose, and activities are done as a model, area information community realization by the Internet and Internet diffusion to the school.
Internet High School ' Wind '
You can learn, high school level program, at home through Internet and graduate from the school. You can even graduate from a high school in the United States.
Internet Kikokkies
Overseas student returned from abroad sending. It teaches the problem that it meets in Japan, the foreign countries how to cope quickly with OB/OG, the experienced person.
Internet Shimoda Kurofune Schoo
The open school which should make natural observation, thing-making, extracurricular activities such as the investigation, study tour of the history culture of the area, the volunteer activities and the international exchange.
Internet Technology Research Committee
This is a committee founded in order to provide the meeting place for people ranging from researcher to engineer who works for the internet development. This site has a link list of the relational organizations.
Intership Study Center has sent many Japanese abroad to introduce Japan to the world. It has much information about Internship.
Japan Association for Promotion of Educational Technology (JAPET)
A page of non profit corporation making positive contributions to the promotion of education throught its activity based on educational techmology.
Japan Association for Working Holiday Makers
This institute was found for the international exchange between students.
Japan Center for Regional Development
They have updated information of the local governments build local areas. From the database from the site, you can see how the government is working for building their areas.
Japan Educational Software Conference
Information about softwares is provided to develop nice educational softwares.
Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition
National Institute of Polar Research explains the Antarctic Continent and the history of the observation, nature and the animals
Japanese Beetle Report
This site inserts observation report about beetle. It goes on keeping diary conscientiously about their look of breed since 1997.
Japanese Bird
Suntory Ltd. provides information on 69 kinds of birds around a wild bird to see in the city.
Japan Educational Resource Information Center (JERIC)
A nonprofit institution that offers general information and advises to solve various educational problems generated in case the Internet is used in classrooms. It is run by Research Institute of Information Technology in Education, Waseda University. It also manages the help desk of E-square project.
Japan Foundation
This organization is promoting people to be sent abroad and to be invited from foreign coiuntries for the internatinal exchange of culture.
Japan Good Toy Committee
Child care is supported through the toy. A "Toy Museum", a chair such as a lecture of toy consultant training and a toy, the related book of play, a toy hospital are introduced, too.
Japan International Training Cooperation Organization
This organization is making programs for educationg people to develope foreign countries, especially developing countries.
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
JICA has been extending technical assistance for national development and human resources development as a part of Japanese Official Development Assistance programs.
Japan Overseas Cooperative Association
JOCA is going to serve Japan's contribution to the global community with returned JOCVs as the core in collaboration with local governments and non- governmental organizations.
Japanese School Project in Foreign Countries
Ministry of Education supports a project which aims to educate Japanese students who are living abroad, using network.
Japan Society for Educational Technology
Members of this society are people who do research and development in universities, schools and companies.
Japanese Studies Network Forum
This home page was created for those conducting research in Japanese Studies to support networking of Japan Specialists and to enable easier access to information in the field.
Japan Vietnam Friendly Institute
This is the private international exchange organization. This site is introducing language classes trips and so on.
Japan Educational Press
Educational newspaper. Lifelong learning, society, environment education, care, welfare education, food cultural education, a child, home education problem.
Japanese Educational System on Demand
You can exercise Japanese pronounciation and listing by using Java applet.
Japan Fund for Global Environment
It is turned to the environment preservation activities develops the national movement.
Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education (JSiSE)
'Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education' introduces the research meetings, the committies, how to get in to the scientific meeting and activities.
Japanese School
A school homepage from the kindergarten to the technical college is introduced as a part of the research activities.
Japanese Society of Agricultural Information
Japanese Society of Agricultural Informatic provides a list of agricultual link and the experiment of agricultral information.
Japan-United States Educational Commission (JUSEC)
Fulbright Grant Program, Information Services of Japanese and U.S. higher education and studying abroad.
Japan Universities Association for Computer Education
The promotion, fulfillment of the information education at the private university, the junior college, the technical college.
Japan Organized InterNetwork is an academic Internet for non-profit research and educational organizations.
Jump-out Class Club
An education support service for the elementary school using Internet.The corner which the hint of the class for the teacher was inserted,too.
Junior Eco Club
The page to support environment activities for the children by the children of the children.
JUST SYSTEM web page for school. It is done as a part of the IT promotion of the school duties for the educators.
Just Zoo
It can be seen an animal's ecosystem and a growth environment, "Data File" when it clicks on the favorite animal, characteristics and the various interesting story of animal are introduced.
Kanagawa Prefecture Police Kids Club
The page made to have all of the school children study the work of the police.
Kids Cooking
Cooking recipe collection for kids. There are 62 recipes in the present.
Kids Homepage offerd by Ministry of Education
The contents of job, the investigation result and questions are recorded as of the Ministry of Education for kids,
Kids Japan Museum
The page of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Tt comments on the Agency, the quiz about the culture and the Japanese cultural properties.
Kids Link
It is mailing list for the school child interchange in the whole country. Anyone can participate in this link.
Kid's Media Club
Greeting card and card service for kids. The thing which a child likes is gathered in such cases as the Christmas, the universe, the animate cartoon, the photograph of the fish.
Kids Page
The GLOCOM, International University, runs the page for child. The page thought a link to the school homepage, a work collection and school education.
Kids Page
The Environment Agency established the site of the environment information targeting the elementary school pupils and the junior high school students.
Kids Park
Site for under 15 years old. It is enjoyable the mail exchange, a personal computer consultation, the introduction of the book and chat.
Kids Party
Portal site for Kids. Introduction of the picture book, news, sports and music for child are introduced by category.
Kid's Planet
Official site of the TV program "Ponkikkies" for the child. The history of the program is looked back from the broadcasting start and the song being played with Ponkikkies is introduced on the corner of 'Songs'.
Kids Science Museum
Questions & Answers page for Kids presented by Osaka Gas. It is being classified in the plant, the animal, insect, heavenly bodies, and so on. Contents are easy to understand using picture and sentence.
Kid's Space
This site is about the exchanges for kids.
Kids Web Japan
Page to introduce Japan to the children of the foreign countries, We can see this site in seven languages.
Kinokuniya (book store) sells publications over the Internet, and building up a peerless network of sales offices serving educational and research institutions and other public organizations.
Knob Eats of Science
An experiment is made by using the observed tool, and science becomes pleasant by the slight idea.
Knowledge of Weathe/Earthquake/Volcano/Sea
The Meteorological Agency teaches various knowledge related to the weather, an earthquake, a volcano and the ocean.
'Konetto Plan' is a project to promote multimedia environment in schools.
Konet goo
Search engine designed for children to search educational resources. Contents are filtered and safe. Only available in Japanese.
Latin-American Museum
The photograph of the excavation remains and an explanation are stuck at the same time with the distribution map, and it can learn happily.
Learning Disabilities Association of Tokyo
The Association of Learning Disabilities of Tokyo, Japan, was formed in 1988 by a group of concerned parents and professionals on behalf of children with learning disabilities.
Let's Learn from the History
Some synthetic information from the ancient times, the Jomon period until Showa about the Japanese history.
Let's Learn "Time"
A homepage for the child. It follows the class of the elementary school, and "arithmetic of the time" "the history of the time" is divided into 8 subject, and a matter about the time are introduced.
Library in the World
The links of the library in the world were collected.
List of Governmental Organizations
This is a page listing ministries and other governmental organizations in Jaapan.
Little World
It touches the culture of the various races of the world, and it is being asked all the more to deepen understanding with each other.
Littleworld Mailinglist Homepage
The homepage which supports interchange, voluntier activities of domestic and the foreign countries . An information exchange about the international communication is activated with mailing list.
Local Authorities Systems Development Center
This page has a search engine of the local area governments.
Logo Information Room
Logo is a programming language for education. This page introduces a lot of information about Logo.
Community Site for Kids. It is enjoyable Chat with Sanrio Character, and the Game, Greeting Card are prepared, too.
Mainichi Kids
Mainichi Newspaper provides daily news for the elementary and the junior high school student.
Mainichi School Net "MAIWILL"
It is operated by Mainichi Newspapers Co,. as part of a joint project of Japanese Education Ministry and Posts Ministry called uThe InternetProject for Schoolsv  on the advanced network for educational purpose.
Map and Measurement Plaza for Kids
The Geographical Survey Institute provides various information related to map for kids.
Matsushita Audio Visual Research Foundation
This page shows the results of a research which studies about audio visual education and have some event information for the research.
Media Information Station
This page use for the digital medium which makes a computer in synthetic learning of the elementary school .An important tool which supports synthetic learning is decided to be played.
Millennium Project
is introduced which the Prime Minister proposes in the page of the Science and Technology Agency. The "technology of the 21st century", the project which asks a theme for the various opinions from the kids to the adult.
Media Kids
A page of a project that teachers and students can do research together and publish students' works and electronic newspaper.
Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture
Information about Educational reform, White paper and links to educational organizations are provided on this page.
Ministry of International Trade and Industry
This page includes a lot of information and links to organizations regarding to Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
Modern Education Newspaper
Page of the education news by the Internet that a modern education newspaper company offers. The news of the education spot which is different from the general paper are inserted.
Money Museum
A change in the Japanese money is collected and explained from ancient times until the present day .
Mt Fuji Natural Classroom
Let's observe a wood and a plain in Mt Fuji.
Mushroom Watching
Let's turn your eyes to another mushroom. This site explains lots of natural and cultivated mushrooms and shows their recipe.
Kyoto and the Global Environment
Introduction to the environmental activities in Kyoto.
Nakatsugawa Elementary School on the Internet
School, the history of 120 years, in Kochi Prefecture closed in 1996. And founded on Internet.
National Astronomical Observatory Japan
The various information which relates to astronomy is introduced.This is convenient if it wants to know the astronomical phenomenon.
National Center of Bullying Problem
A government-level infomation center aims to solve bullying problem which is becoming serious in k-12 education. E-mail consultation and infomation about dispatch of advisory staff.
National Center of Statistical Information Consulting and Analysis
It is a statistical information institute for consulting and analysis, providing the statical info of the general affairs department.
National Diet Library
NDL introduce homepage visitors to the various NDL facets,  its purpose, history, role, organization, equipment, and materials.
National Education Center Japan
The nationwide center stored with information of education, provides educational information, materials run by the country. Lesson plans of different subjects ready to be used are systematically stored.
National Institute of Educational Research of Japan
National Institute of Educational research of Japan is a center which was built to study education in practice and more basically. It has database for educational information.
National Olympics Memorial Youth Center
This project aims to enrich people, and have data about education where people get together, which shows the example of a learning program.
National Center for Science Information Systems
A homepage of NACSIS, which is one of the Inter-University Research Institutes which serve all university researchers in Japan. Its function is to gather, organize and provide scholarly information.
National Flag of the World
Foundation data such as currency, area and the population of each country can be seen, too.
National Institute for Educational Research of Japan
NIER is an organ of the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture and it dose applied and basic research and conduct studies in education.
National Institute of Multimedia Education
This is a page of NIME which promotes the use of multimedia in higher education.
National Youth Farmer's Education Promotion Association
Information is introduced to the public widely toward the agricultural young man and everyone who try to do agriculture, and the offer of the concerned opinion and the information.
Nature and Multimedia
Let's try to touch the nature which take various nature up, a theme by the "Online Magazine" and "Nature Question Box".
Nature Conservation Society of Japan
Conservation of the ecosystems of forests, rivers and streams, wetlands, coral reefs, traditional villages and their surrounding woodlands.
NEC Global Network Class - Gakkos
They have projects to messages to several international organizationas.More than 100 schools participate in this project.
NET Academy
School in Internet for the children. Various education information is provided for the children in the world, and learning support.
Internet Magazine for the child. It is inserted in "Doraemon","Poket Monster","Famous Detective Konan" including the latest information of the pupil's journal.
Network Education Research Committee
This page shows a collaborative project with graduate school researcheand teachers about using network in education.
Net Classrooms
Classrooms for students can be used to have fun and study.
Net Kids
KDDI provides the page which can be understood with enjoying the world of the Internet.
Network for Tercher/Teaching Staff
The network of the teacher/teaching staff in whole Japan. It's useful for inquiry learning and getting information at each area.
New Media Development Association
NMDA is an auxiliary organization of MITI and it was established as Visual Information System Development Association to develop the Hi-OVIS.
New Energy Foundation
This is a project which aims to use 'new energy' which conbine natural energy sush as sunshine, wind, ground heat, hydropower and oceanic energy, or recycle things and make the use of the energy.
NHK School Broadcasts
This page is a trial of a guide to School Broadcasts, mainly helping teachers who are using networks for educational aims.
NHK Volunteer Network
This page is for the people who 'wants to volunteer in some work' or 'would like to call for volunteers'. They call for them though TV,radio, internet business.
NHK Education Today'98
NHK's weekly TV program which tries to think about the problems in live education. 'Media and Education' seeks the best way to use the best of media.
NHK Science Eye
NHK educational television's science program directed to future broadcast every Saturday.
NHK Weekly Child News
It is being broadcast every week on Sunday.The news which is hard to understand for pupils for one week is explained easily.
Niigata Internet Conference on Education (NICE)
This conference consists of people who are interested in life education and it holds tutolials for them.
The topic that the basic information of the education, information education and the teacher training are timely explained. Guidance of the event, the education seminar and the symposium are introduced.
Old Astronomy Page
Astronomy was examined from ancient times. It is introduced where the astronomical phenomenon which appeared in the history of Mesopotamia and the history, astronomy and the relations of the life.
Open Sesame
Search engine for the child which stimulate a child's curiosity from the news and the study to the computer and play are collected.
Osaka Kyoiku University
A page of Research and Guidance Center for Teaching Practice is included in this page.
Osaka High School Association for International Education
We would like to invite you to take part in a cultural exchange program with some Japanese high school students who are eager to share their ideas and opinions about the world, and to learn yours.
Overseas Children Education Directory
It is useful information of overseas children reception school and the person who goes to the foreign countries, the person of the overseas residence, the person whom it came back.
Overseas Children Education'International Understanding Education Research Conference'
The promotion organization of the international education 'foreigner children' student who has recently returned from abroad 'overseas children' Japanese language.
Parent's Commitee of Repatriated Students in Kansai
The activities of the volunteer mothers group for the returning student from abroad in Kinki area.
People's Daily Online
Japanese Edition of China's Newspaper.The latest information such as Chinese politics, culture, an economy can be read. Information about the cultural exchange, studying abroad is introduced in detail.
Useful information about study and entertainment of students is provided on this page.
Personal Computer Users' Application Technology Association
introduces how to take their tests of the use of Personal Computers. They also call for scientific paper.
Pleasant Chemistry
Chemistry may be able to be understood happily. The science is not almighty and now that its studyexists under the limit.
Pleasant 'Manyoshu'
The page that let's have the oldest Japanese song book in Japan, It enjoys more readily.
Police for Kids
The homepage which the inside of the actual police which Shimane Prefecture police headquarters established.
Prime Minister Official Residence Kid's Room
It is understood that it varies about the "Prime Minister official residence" and the "Prime Minister" .
Private School Education Network
This research tries to think about private school education. The link list for the school is nice.
Project of Japanese Schools in Foreign Countries
The Ministry of Education is promoting this project and information about Japanese schools in foreign countries can be found.
Site which is useful for school children and junior high school students learning is inserted by the category. It is full of the page as well which a play heart and a curiosity to learn are filled.
Reseach Center of Multimedia
It has much resource for making multi media contents such as Computer Graphics and Digital movies.
Returnee Education
Ministry of Education tries to give Japanese students who are living abroad education which suite to Japanese citizens.
Rice Park
The topics, the origin and the history of the rice, the Japanese rice crop, can be learned fully about the rice.
Saitama Prefecture
At the site of international relationships it is explaining the sister city and scholarships.
Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation
Students from N.E. Asia and the US studied social issues.You can see the outputs of it.
School Lunch
Delicious school lunch flow until meal service grows, the machine of the meal service room, and so on are introduced.
Schoolnet Japan
This is a page of Tokai School Net Research that is planing to use Internet in local educational organizations.
Science Education Mailing List
This is a page where people changes information about their classes of science and educational tools on e-mails.
School Navi
It can search for school from the elementary school to the university classified by the prefecture, by the city.
School Page Project
Collaboration project done by Asahi newspaper company and NEC, aims to have the page as a education tool. It's for middle , junior high and high school childrens. It has homepage contests and symposiums.
School Reference
Information on the educational organization from the kindergarten to university, an academic meeting, a laboratory can be looked up the Japanese country,
School Web Japan
This page has a search engine which is for educational software catalogs.It also has a virtual guide for RealVR.
It has educational software product information. It also has online education service for middle school and junior high school students.
SIC Infonet
Shimane Informations Center, which is Shimane prefecture for international mutural understanding education.
Science Room
Internet Version "Science Room" tries to tell people in the world of enjoyable natural science. Technical site provides useful for science education. Many various joyful experiments are introduced.
Science Kuru Kuru
It's an amazing site for science and technology.
Science Technology Undestanding Increase
Three technology understanding increase 3 years movements drives at the Scence and Technology Agency.
The International Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research-Japan serves the field of intercultural communication in Japan.
Private newsletter to share the experience of having grown up abroad and returned to Japan, and of being labeled as children returned from abroad.
Society for the Promotion of the University of the Air
Cooperation to diffuse the education which the promotion of the research and development by the broadcasting contributes more the development of the university education by the broadcasting.
Space Station
The space station site of NASDA (National Space Devlopment Agency of Japan) .
Special Selection Book for the Library
It is established with the purpose of helping book selection and purchase in the elementary school, junior high school and the public library.
Statistics Bureau and Statistics Center
Result of statistic research in Japan can be found on this page.
Studying Abroad Library
Library having book and materials and counseling is opened. The form of studying abroad, a method, a studying abroad sample by the generation are introduced.
This site collects contents related to learning to use from kids to senior people.
Tamagawa Gakuen
is an independent K-16 institution, got Nikkei Internet Award in 1999. Student, parents, a teacher are as one, and it is grappling with the education through the network.
Tamagawa-Gakuen Educational Reseach Institute
They support the research about K-12(kindergarden, elementary school,junior and senior high school)education system. They edit and publish 'education research'. The link list is very nicely done.
Tateyama's International Friendship Page
It is about the sister city program, Tateyama internatinal exchange society and JET program.
Teacher, do your best !
It collects home pages of the teachers created by themselves in Japan by the district.
Teleclass International Japan
A page of high school communicating with foreign schools by using e-mail and Lumaphone.
Teleclass The World
This organization has been using email and Lumaphone to set up links with schools in other countries, and has also been involved in Teleclass International.
'Tenseijingo' on the Asahi Newspaper
Asahi newspaper's article "Sky Voice Person Word" which it goes to well for the examination. The one for 1 week consists of one file.
The Agency for Cultural Affairs
You can search cultural properties and art works, which have released on the internet from public and private museams and art museums. It has a test version of the search system.
The Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation
This site is introducing many events for the exchanges between Japan and Korea.
The rule and manners of the Internet
The rule and manners collection for the child who uses the Internet. It is being written for the child.
The Tsugaru International Society
This is the organization of international exchange managed by volunteer people in Tsugaru area, Japan.
The United States - Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange(Japan)
This conference is promoting the exchange between Japan and U.S for collage students.
The United States - Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange (United States)
This conference is promoting the exchange between U.S. and Japan for collage students.
ThinkQuest@Japan is a Web authoring contest for middle school, high school and university students and adults. It is the Japanese language version of the ThinkQuest program which started in the USA.
Through Rice Grows
Ohgatamura Board of Education in Akita Prefecture explains in detail until the rice grows, such as the kind of the rice, agricultural land, calendar and idea.
Toba Aquarium for Kids
Hiragana is used extensively, and sentence is made short, and consideration to the child is attentive so that a child can read it easily.
Tokyo Gakugei University Center for the Education of Children Overseas
Research and education activities are being done about the education of the Japanese children who learn abroad, and the student who has recently returned from abroad.
Tokyo University Degital Museum
This is a page where Tokyo university provides their collections on the digital museum.
Tokyo Water Service
It can learn variously the water, such as today's source of water, water quality and Tokyo water service 100-year story.
Tochigi North America Friendship Association
This is the volunteer organization promoting the exchange wiht U.S. and Canada. You can get informations about how to join it.
Tokyo High School Association for International Education
International mutual understanding education is the major aim of Tokyo Metropolitan government under the internationalization of Japan.
Tokyo Shoseki
This page has a list of text books and teaching materials. It also has a link page for schools which Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture has appointed.
Tuesdays Association
A project that aims to promote use computer technology in classroom.
Uchida Yoko
Information about Educational software, and cases for multimedia, collaborative learning, network construction etc.
UNICEF Japan Association
UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.
Universe Digital Book
Site of the NHK education 'the universe digital illustrated book'.
University Center for Intercultural Education
An international communication, foreign language education for the information gatheringEtransmission, information processing education,
Vegetables and Fruit Encyclopedia
The data base that the 60 kinds of crops and 600 kinds of breed are delivered with picture and explanation.
Vehicle Biginnings Story
Reading for the pleasant car life and the car information. It teaches about the road sign in the world and the evolution of the vehicle.
Virtual Classroom
The Virtual Classrooms consists of a website, a web-based discussion forum and a real time chat area.Virtual Classrooms will be attended by students around the world.
WaoWao Net
Portal Site of Learning and Interchange. It is useful for all of the members, such as pupil, student, university student, parents, teacher and teaching staff as well.
Weekly Student Times
You can read the weekly student times online. You can read Sophisticators, which will lead you to learn conversation English.
Weather Page
This page has been opened to make good use a lot of meteorological data on the Internet and prepared as the LINK LIST to the WWW sites including Japanese sites.
White Map Studio
introduces the "white map figure" which can be used freely with website to the public. It can be processed if only the indication of the copyright is done, too.
Whole Private School Newspaper
The information exchange of the whole country private school. Newspaper which is unifying a private school and to aim at education's being promoted.
WIDE School Of Internet
You can join real classes on this School of Internet, WIDE Univ.
WNN-Junior Eco Club
A project that supports children's ecology movements. Event infomation, BBS, comics which introduce environment crisis, camp annoucements etc. Only available in Japanese
Wonder Kids
The Internet education service that it aims at the improvement of the kids' scholarship  Scientist and/or specialist thinks if a question is asked on the "Wonder Net".
Wonder Squere
Information Data Base for the parents who have the child of the school age and for the teachers.
World Child Care Net "Sweet Heart"
Let's go over the border, and don't be swayed by Japanese common sense and a custom, and let's exchange child care & child care information with the free idea.
World Heritage
The 630 properties which the World Heritage Committee has inscribed on the World Heritage List.
World Jump
The page in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The country, national flag list in the world, sister city, the world rank variously and the term collection.
World Nature Network
World Nature Network build a homepage in 1995 in memory of 10th anniversary for NTT to became a private company. They have resources of nature,environment, hobby, tradition, society and education.
World of Zoology
Enjoy the view of animals from the zoos & aquariums in Japan.
100-school Networking Project
This is a project to examine the worthiness of computer networks in primary and secondary education.111 schools and educational institutes are involved in the project.
Yahoo! for Kid's
Japanese yahoo portal for children. Educational, hobby, games, science resources etc. are categolized and commented. Only available in Japanese.
Yahoo Japan Educational Links
This is the result of the Yahoo's search result for education.
Yokohama Science Center
The Science Center, featuring "Space and Yokohama", offers an opportunity to learn about science by experience trough hands-on exhibits.

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